One illumination = one inspiration

Well , HELLO guys .. NOw i’m going to write my blog with a new display and little bit ‘trying’ some experiences to write in english ! Yupp, so buat kamu yang mungkin merasa jago berbahasa Inggris (for u who feel able to understand english) , atau mungkin buat kamu yang gak tertarik sama sekali ama english (or for u who feel hate with english), i just need your participation to give a feedback (leave a comment please). Don’t worry ! It just one step of me to learning about english ..

Aku juga masih belajar English, dan jujur, aku merasa kalo English-ku masih kacau (I am one of beginner for learning english and honestly, i feel like my english is still bad and chaos) . But it doesn’t matter, everything’s need process . just let it flow, step by step, slowly but surely ! Yuhuu ..

So, how can be like this ? Well, begini ceritanya. :

Some days ago, (about one week ago, exactly) i got a letter from AFS Bina Antar Budaya . It told me about some preparations that i have to prepare before our departure (to USA, amiien..) . We, as the candidate of YES (Youth Exchange and Study) – a student exchange program by The Government of USA – still have some steps to do before we got the scholarship. AFS USA needs the candidates from Indonesia got at least 45 for SLEP. (Secondary Level English Profeciency) – something like simple TOEFL – and i got just 44 for my SLEP. We already got SLEP at Jakarta for National Test some months ago.

So, i have to improve and improve my english in all time, speaking in English, writing in english, join English Course (Alhamdulilah, i already join at EF coz i got special price from EF Expo at Matos !) And now, i have to write this blog in English, just try this. I’m sure i can, even it must be some mistakes for grammar or anything, hehe …

So, today i have some wonderful experiences. Today, i and some friends at school got a seminar for entrepreneurship at hall. The speakers are ladies form China and some from University of Brawijaya. And we speak in English ! Yea, surely, as The Social Students, we are from XI-IPS 2 ambitiously active in this activity, coz we are really want to be the real entrepreneur in the future ! Amiien . So we have a project to make a product and sell it. Just hope it will be success . !

Then, in the evening, i watched a drama show (Theater Show) at University of Malang ( UM ) by Teater Pelangi with Ryan, my classmate. His sister was one of the actress in the show). The tittle was “GERR”, adopted from Putu Wijaya’s creation. It was great performance. I love the artistic coz the setting was in the graveyard ! The story was telling about Bima’s Death. Bima is a good man, rich, respected by the people and authoritative. His family, include : wife, daughter, mom, daddy, grandma and his friends was crying and sad about his death . But suddenly Bima alive and his family frightened.

This story tells about the bad side of Bima’s family. COz they just exploit Bima’s wealth and they already sell Bima’s home and his wealth. The actors was great, but i love the artistic and moral lesson..

So, thank you for this beautiful day . Now, i will sleeping and hope one beautiful dream for welcoming tomorrow .. 🙂


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Seorang anak manusia yang terlahir di bumi arema. Menyukai banyak hal, tantangan dan pecinta kereta api. Kiprahnya di dunia anak-bertekad memperjuangkan hak dan eksistensi anak-tak luput dari teater yang bisa membesarkan namanya. Suka berpetualang-tentunya naik kereta api-membuat bocah berhobi traveling ini bisa membuka mata dan menikmati indahnya dunia. Aktif di dunia jurnalis, sosial dan organisasi lainnya. Kelak ia ingin menjadi insan yang berguna bagi bangsa dan dunia...

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