Jakarta, I’m comiing .. !

Hello everybody !

Well, more and more . I write my blog in English in order to get a better habit during waiting for my departure to United States.

Now I’m going to build up myself, trying to reduce my stressed and all my fatigued. One cup of   Expresso Blended Coffee and muffin cake accompany me. While mused, I thought about the memories couple days ago..

April, 24th 2010

My train entered platform 6 Pasarsenen Station, came slowly and stop to drop all the passengers. Sluggishly, I stepped my feet moved the oter platform and took KRL to Jakarta Kota Station. Obviously, Senja Kediri Train was not as comfort as I thought. I could not slept a whole night during the trip. Then I took KRL again to Pasar Minggu, the nearest stop to catch my uncle’s house. Unfortunately, on the way to south Jakarta, my train detained at Manggarai Station coz there was an error with the electricity system. I waited for an hour, felt bored ad annoyed, I could not wait too long than I decided came back to Gambir Station with another train. I went to Monas and I entered to the museum in the underground room. It was my first time to visit the museum. So I also bought a ticket to up to the top of monas, enjoyed the view of Jakarta from altitude.  After satisfied, I came back to the station and went to my uncle’s home in Jagakarsa, took a rest and enjoyed my dinner with relatives..

April, 23rd.

This morning..

I got up from my bed, the weather was quite cold and comfort caused of the air conditioner. (Good Luck!) Coz I could not imagine how could I sleep without AC remember the hot weather of Jakarta. Well, then I got a shower, and my breakfast already served on my table. So, my plan today is going to National Bina Antarbudaya Office at Jalan Limau 22 for take back my passport. I’ll have a trip to Bangkok next May, and my passport was going to be collected to US Embassy. My coming to Jakarta, here , also for make sure about my trip to Vienna, Austria. Well, actually this is the point what I want to tell u.

Next august, I’ll fly to US for student exchange . I got YES program (Youth Exchange and Study), so Bina Antarbudaya would help all the finalist to arrange their application, including Visa. For that, my passport will be collected on May, 20 to US Embassy for process my Visa.  Padahal, I have also arrange my visa to enter Austria for next July. I already called Austrian Embassy but I could not do further coz I have another problem for my trip to Vienna. Flight ticket ! Yeah ,, you know, my attendance to Vienna for International AIDS Conference 2010 as a scholar, I just got a living allowance during the event. But I didn’t award accommodation and flight ticket. So I have to cover it all ! For accommodation, it’s not a big problem coz I have some friends there, but flight ticket, at least I need 150 US$ and since I have known about my departure to Austria, I tried to get a sponsor but it was not easy and I don’t have certainty up to now!

Well,, not only that, this noon, I got a bad news ! This morning, I got my passport and I felt so happy coz I really need it ! Besides, I’m sure I would fly to Bangkok on 11 of May. But suddenly, when I opened my mail and facebook, the committee of Youth Consultation at Bangkok inform me that the meeting will be postponed up to June coz the situation at Bangkok is not safe now ! Yeah I know, there’s some political riots called “Red Shirt” and the situation is worse! But the thing that I would not accept is, WHY DOES IT HAPPEN NOW ??! Even, my departure to US is coming closer, and I really want to go to Thailand, also Austria, but there are always some difficulties and obstacles in all of my plans !! Now I remember what Dewan said, “TO BE SUCCESS, WE WILL FOUND A GRAVEL” but I think, THIS IS NOT A GRAVEL  ANYMORE, BUT THIS IS A BIG STONE !! 😦

OMG,, you know I got a bit desperate today.  Walking around the crowd of Jakarta, (I HATE CROWDED!), the hot weather and a damn metromini (I would prefer choose busway !), the embassy, and also the bad news. Those make me feel bad, and I don’t want to think it ! After I mused in a time, I got an inspiration that, we have to be careful in make a decision. Don’t be in a hurry, and make sure that all u would to do is going well and don’t forget that, HUMAN COULD PLAN, but GOD WOULD DECIDE. I just believe that GOD would give me the best way. So, just let it flow, and I keep fighting and struggle what I want to do. one thing that i hope is just, let me go to Bangkok and Vienna before fly to US ! 😀

So, right now, this second, maybe I could feel better. Sucking my coffee and eating my muffin cake, while trying to understand what does it all mean. Then, tomorrow I would fly back to Malang! (Ehh,, sorry, I wouldn’t take plane, but train :), and I want to go home as soon as possible !

Starbucks Coffee, Plaza Indonesia, 15.03

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