Goes to LOC ,, AFS-YES Preparation

It’s saturday. I would not go to school today, coz i’ll go to Surabaya to attend The LOC (Language Orientation Camp) for YES Students 2010-2011 from Chapter Malang, Surabaya and Makassar. We’ll also have Visa Interview on Monday with US Consulate in Surabaya. There are 5 students from Malang. Khalid and Ambi from SMA 3, Nina and Fani from MAN 3 and Me, from SMA 4. They are the YES Candidates from Malang City ! And by Toyota Avanza, we departed from Malang to Surabaya at about 8.00am , going smoothly through Lapindo wothout traffic jam, it was great !

Then, no more than 2 hours we already arrived at Surabaya City, and check-in to D’Season Hotel while another students from another cities in East Java already come ! We waited for the room in the restaurat. Around 12.00 noon, our friends from Chapter Makassar and Chapter Surabaya came and we had lunch together. I thought it was the best moment for AFS agenda, coz we got a better service and more facilities (i can swim in the break tim) 🙂 in The two star hotel, especialy i got Deluxe Room, shared with Radhingga ! Hahaha.. ! My lucky day ! (Even there was no much deferences between standart room and deluxe in this hotel ! )

Well, in the first day, we just got the instruction about how to fill DS-160 ONLINE Visa Application Form at http://jakarta.usembassy.gov/consular/consular.html . You know, this is new procedure from US Embassy to process Non-Immigrant Visa so all of us got some difficulties during filled the application. We made fault, then we had to start again, false again, start again, and it made me got stressed ! Moreover, Photo Requirement was little bit strict, so some of us who still brought the wrong photo must be print it out again!

in the night, i always felt so damn tired, i dont know why- coz it was unusual  situation for my body, especially i still wanted to enjoy our break time and get along with each other. but i just watched national geography channel, then falled asleep.

Next day to US Consulate in Surabaya, the Visa Interview was not as difficult as we thought ! They just asked us what is your plan to US? Where are u from and how long will u stay in US. Just that, then your Visa will be ready on the next 3 days ! Easy, right?? So, don’t worry with Visa Interview! One special thing we got from this day was when US Consulate invited us to have a lunch in their home. We shared many things in that home, about United States, about culture and diference between US and Indonesia, about who is the Consulate and how can she got that job. Very nice! it was my honor to be there. Met by the consulate, that is job what i want next time.

In the last day in D’Season Hotel, we had SLEP (Secondary Level English Proviciency) Test for second time. My last SLEP Score was just 44 (The requirement is 45). It was like simple TOEFL, but the difficulty level was high enough. So you have to listen carefully and understand some new vocabulary..

With LOC and all that things,, i can not wait for depart in My America !! 😀


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