Another story in America

It’s October now! Autumn. Summer has gone and the wind became more wild and strong. The tress just changed the color of its leaves. Some of them are yellow, orange and red, and then falling down to the ground. It’s kind a beautiful. The wind just so cold and i always frozen outside. Normally, i hate cold. But i can not wait to see the snow. This month, all people are preparing the stuffs to welcoming Halloween. Pumpkin and ghosts. It must be fun!

Another story in America. Let’s the story begin..

Homecoming Week

Friday,09/17 was the feast of homecoming week in my school, Carroll High School. This is my first time to know what exactly homecoming is. American High school is incredible awesome! And when people asked me, “What do you like so far about America?” I’d always say, “The people and The High school!” Well, one thing that changed my mind about American People is, they are not as individualist as we think. They are nice, they like to smile and always say “Hi” even they don’t know each other! And the High school they are incredible awesome! We have a bunch of cool activities.. Homecoming week is one of them.

In this week, all people in the school expected to wear special dress code everyday depend on the theme. We got Movie Character (I want to wear Harry Potter’s robe actually! But i dont have it 😦 ..), Wacky Wednesday (all people just wear a silly clothes and stuffs), Neon day and Class day. It was pretty cool to have it. And it was my first football game in America while i was singing for National Anthem of United States in choir team. Pretty cool.

Marching Band and Picnic

My host brother, Blake, he join the Marching Band team and i usually watch them play in some competitions. And that was my first feeling that i’m gonna love marching band. It was awesome to listen the harmony, mixed of saxophone, drum band, xylophone and another music stuffs and the move of the players and dancers.. (You may touch the feel!). I got two marching band competition in a week, once in Indianapolis. On the way home, i got some inspiration again and i was thinking more about myself. While the car going fast and staring at the stars in the sky, i just asked my self, “Why i am here?” “Am i supposed to be here in America? What for? What will i gain? What will i get?”

Last night, for first time in my life, i miss my father. When i was child and when Mama went out of city for couple days, i’ll always miss her. But not with Papa. But now, here, i just realized that i love my parents and i want to make them happy, no matter what. One year for exchange program is not a wasting time. I learned a lot. Not just understanding the culture of America, give a presentation and introduce about my country in front of the class, but i also learn a lot about myself. My life. My mind. All the new stuffs here is different and i got something new to build my self and my life beyond. I feel strong. I feel happy. Two months in America, i was making some mistakes and just made my host mom mad. But with the mistakes, i could learn. With the mistake, we could understand what did we do, what’s a matter with our fault and how can we improve it. To be a better person.

The day after Marching  band, i got a picnic for Exchange students in Fort Wayne hosted by AYA to have “International Food Tasting”. We brought the dishes from each country of us. I cooked fried rice (Nasi Goreng Jawa), mixed with chicken and shrimp. And i believe it was the best food in there! (My friends said so, they like the fried rice). Another food we had rendang and sate padang (made by Hesti from Padang), Chicken wing and soup from China, Grilled Chicken from India (so spicy and red), Cabbage Salad from Germany and etc. Most of them are chicken and meat. (That’s why i could say my fried rice was the best one. Haha..) We also played some games and canoeing on the river. Well actually the river was connected to Warsaw Lake. That was awesome and lots of fun.

Johny Appleseed and Hunter’s Moon Feast

US History is the compulsory lesson i have to take. Honestly, it’s pretty bored and technically, i don’t need it. Even though i love the teacher and my classmates there, but what for i study about American stuffs that happened hundred years ago. And when i come back to my country, i wouldn’t learn it anymore. Honestly, i like history. Because we got learned a lot from history. But i would prefer World History rather than US History.

And today, i just found the best method to learn US History itself. It’s not boring at all. You don’t need to listen to the teacher and fall asleep. You just need to take a walk, looking around the area where set as 1700s or 1800s era. When almost people wear the old clothes and ancient stuffs. It was awesome! I went to Johny Appleseed in Fort Wayne and today i went to Hunter’s Moon feast in West Lafayette. The same feast. In Johny Appleseed,an old man learned me how to use the simple weaving machine and the stuff was made in 1759! Or meet Native American people (Indian) and got a face painting like them. Watching how to cook turkey with a fire, or how to use machine gun and bomb during The Civil War? Even, the role play of Red Cross team in the civil war how they cure the army and made operation or cut the leg with an old stuffs. In The Hunter’s moon Festival, i bought got a hat made from the animal fur and it made your head warm. I also tried to wear an old thick clothes made from animal fur for Indian people. We watched an attraction by two silly guys and they are awesome and funny. I also got the best root beer i ever taste!

The history, always give us a million story and something behind it to learned. Now i know, why The Indian people was kicked by The British because they won the war even though French got the land first. And why most American people are white and christian. And why America got their independence in 1776 and become the developed country. Everything happen is need a process, so that the country. In fact, like a human who need a time  to grow to become adult, every country in this world also requires a process to reach their national’s purpose.


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