Halloween 2010 : About Love and Friendship

It still about another story in America..

Halloween! It was my first Halloween in my life (we don’t celebrate Halloween in Indonesia) and i dressed up as a Vampire. Vampire is my favorite one. If i were a kid, i’ll admire the vampire. I do not afraid with a ghost or mystical things, event though i believe that the ghost is exist (i got some experiences about it, spiritual and stuffs and honestly, i’m not interested in it actually).

Back to vampire. Even it’s not that popular in my home country, but at least i know more about it and because of Halloween i was interested to figure out more about Vampire, read it online and looking for information about Halloween itself. According to Wikipedia, Halloween is an annual holiday observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and attending costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.

On saturday, i went to The Costume Party (Rave in The Grave) in Columbia City with my buddies. (I dressed up as a vampire of course) and we got a lot fun. The venue of the party was not in the nightclub, but it was in the place like a warehouse. And i would say that the house was really spooky-not offense-but it was like no body live there! The furnitures were full of dust, the bathroom was awful and the reality is somebody lives there. So, we got a dance and have fun for about five hours. There were Frankenstein, Death Nurses (they are sexy!), Death people with a hat, Cat Woman and also Toga. (Grayson and his friends wore Toga, they took me here to the party). I love American party. It’s a lot fun! When DJ starts the music and everybody dance like a crazy people, i’ll forget all my burdens. (Well, Do i any burden actually??) -.-

Then, on Sunday my host family and i went to “Trick or Treat”. It’s actually Kid’s stuff. The children will walk door to door in their neighborhood to say : “trick or treat!” and then their neighbors will give them candy. Everybody has their own costume. Ghost, Superman or Spiderman, Singer, Superstars, Silly Costume or even Fireman! Well, it was pretty dumb for me actually, take a walk couple miles just for candy. And the weather was freakin’ so i got frozen. We walked for two hours until dark and i was like feeling going to die coz of the wind and finally we got home and i made a cup of hot chocolate and save our bunch of candies.

This Halloween, i actually got more think and think about myself. My life here. All this new life. Couple days ago, Ploen (my exchange student friend from Thailand), she was crying in Choir Class because of homesick.

“I feel alone and no body care with me”

Well, honestly sometimes i felt so. I’ve got a bunch of friends even i just came here for couple days. I joined in Show Choir and made a new close friends coz we always spend a time together. Everybody is nice and they are a good friends. But that’s not it. I feel like, i need a real best friend. I could not stand alone. I need somebody to share with. I just an ordinary boy who need to share my problems and concerns. And i know it’s not easy to get a best friend. Even in my country and anywhere else, you need to be with your friends together for a long time to be a real bestfriend. I got a friend who moved from Wisconsin. She also got a difficulty to make a new friends. She missed her friends..

More about it, anytime when i was a couple and they’re laughing and look very happy, i envy them. When will i able to laugh widely with my friend or my girlfriend? When will i able to share my heart and do something else closer with my buddies with happiness? The distance is separate us too far.

It’s about love and friendship. This is my first time when i feel a real of alone. I’m in a strange place. Far away from home. Nobody knows me. Who am i? I’m a foreign kid and i’m not traveling. Now i realized that what Kak Sari said, “Bina Antarbudaya is not a travel agent”. It is! It’s not traveling. It’s different! I remembered when i went to Vienna and Swiss, explored a new place and walking around the country. I was so happy and excited, but it was just for a while. And i flew back home. But it’s different here. I live here. Where every morning i got a wake up and go to school, doing homework, diner with host family, and doing my assignments. Moreover, it’s a quiet place where most of the farm is located everywhere i look at outside. And i couldn’t drive. I’ve to go with somebody else even just to but a toothpaste in Walmart. I just want to be happy. And i have to be happy!

I’ve a bunch friends, remember? Everybody at school always say “Hi” to me. And smile. In the hallway, it’s almost impossible to not to meet somebody who wouldn’t say “Hi Hadi!”. (Well, fortunately they are very nice). Even the teachers, they always say “Good Morning Hadi!”. So, i took the fun part. I’ll feel like a star who every morning my driver took me to The Shooting Location (when my daddy drive me to the school) and i’ll greeted by everybody! Yeah! I’m a star! And it works!

In History class, i just realized that i’m actually A Prince! Yeah. A PRINCE. My name is Raden Hadiansyah Yanuar Rizqi Aktsar. (Raden is a tittle to the son of the King). My great grandparents are from Keraton Yogyakarta Palace, the ancestry of Sultan Hamengkubuwono IV. So I am A Prince! I imagine that if i were a prince in The Britain, be like Prince William and have a great life or so..

But No. Well, here i am. Be myself. And i could be a great man someday.. Yes i will!

Fort Wayne, United States
Halloween, October 31st, 2010


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