One story in Winter Night: My Christmas in The USA

Merry Christmas!

It’s been awhile since the last time I update this blog.  This is my first Christmas (I’m muslim, so obviously i don’t celebrate Christmas at home). So it was my first experience when i had to choose the presents for my host parents, brothers and sister. Anyway, my eldest host brother Josh, was coming home this christmas since he joined to The Navy. So when we went to the church at Christmas Eve and open presents in the morning, it was pretty awesome coz i didn’t espect to get a bunch of presents. There were a lot of stuffs under the christmas tree and inside your sock!

I felt the same happiness as well when we celebrate Ied Al-Fitr (End of Ramadhan) for muslim people. Gathering with family, long holiday, foods and presents (or money) ! 😀 That’s a lot of fun really! In the Chirstmas Eve, we opened presents from Uncle and Auntie, i got American Chocolate and Winter Hat. We went to my favorite restaurant (decorated ala Western America and served the best steak!) for Auntie’s Birthday. Then i was sleeping and can not wait to open presents from Santa.

Here we go, in the morning we opened all the presents. I got a couple things from Santa (it was written->  from : Santa). I got some new clothes, T-Shirts, Sweatshirt, Car Remote Control, A pack of Axe Cologne (which is what i need), Nerf Basketball Net, Two Nerf Guns, Laptop Speaker (that’s what i need too!), Walmart Gift Card and etc. But one thing i didnt realize was when i got Aeropostale Hoddies, it was appereantly the one that displayed in the mall and Mom bought it nearly $100 special for me! (She told me she never been bought clothes that expensive for her kids!) Really, i was shocked and very happy, i even took a picture of it when it was displayed in the mall coz i love the style. And i couldn’t believe Now i have it on my hand!

Last words i said : “I Love you Mom!”

So, this christmas we supposed to go Tennessee to Grandpa’s House, but because Kaylie got surgery so it was canceled. So we just went around Indiana to our relatives. Got some great special dinners with the whole Cripe Family and know each other. (And asking some questions about me and my country). It was really a great moment and i wouldn’t forget it.

“Mama, I think i wanna have christmas at home!” (I told my Mom in Indonesia)

It’s about God.

Another thing for christmas this year : I learned about religion. I’m muslim, but here in America i go to church every sunday with host family. I was curious and touched when i realized Christian is the biggest religion in the world. And USA is one of the most religious developed country in the world. (No wonder, coz everybody goes to church here!) I got couple questions in my heart :

Why are there many religions in the world?

Why some people don’t believe in God?

What will happen after death and the end of the world? Will it all just dissapear?

I still remember when i was in Vienna, i asked Michael, my friend.

“So, are you believe in God? Or Do u have any specific religion?”

“Well, i went to church, but it was like 4 years ago. I might believe in God, but I don’t know..”

And i don’t know why, suddenly i was touched and i said to my heart : “You should find your God soon, my friend!”

Doesn’t mean that i don’t believe anymore in my faith, but i decided to discover all that stuffs while i’m in America.

“Yes, I am looking for my God!”

I read Quran and The Bible and i compare them. It’s true. Some of the contains in The Bible is exist in Quran. And it made me more curious and want to know more and more. I discuss with my friends, host family and teachers. All about religion. I still remember when Shad said “The religion in the world is just like ‘Game Telephone”. Each people interpret different.” Muslim people do believe in Jesus Christ, but we don’t beleive He’s the Son of God. We believe him as one of our greatest prophet and we also believe that He will be return to the earth in the end of the world to save the humans. We believe that God is God. Allah. He doesn’t have any son. And one interesting thing i found was, the word “God” itself. God = Allah = الل = Tuhan. It’s the same thing. It just different languages.

I’m doing my obligation as muslim, but i’m also learning about another religion.  Jews. Christianity. Islam. They came in order from time to time. Abraham. Jesus. Muhammad. It’s really interesting and i’m more confident to live on this earth. Step beyond to discover everything i don’t know…

‎”Both in this world and the Hereafter, I am the nearest of all people to Jesus, the son of Mary. The prophets are paternal brothers; their mothers are different, but their religion is one.” – Muhammad


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