How is it like to be A Champion! Fame Show Choir NYC 2011


Maybe that’s the only word I can say right now! I’m so happy, proud of myself, my show choir friends, my host family, everything. I proud of my life!  Actually, I wanna write this in Bahasa Indonesia because I want to share about what is “Show Choir” to Indonesian people so they will understand what I’m writing about. But, since last night was not our last performance for this season and we are gonna make Finals Competition at Indianapolis next month, I’m gonna write about it later.

Here I’m writing, dedicated to Mrs.Jerran, the Director of Carroll Show Choirs, to my friends of Minstrel Magic (I’m so proud of you guys, and I’m glad to have a chance to be a part of this awesome season!), to my Host Family (who always support me to do this Show Choir and they proud of me!) and to my self (who suddenly able to do how to dance and impressed my self to get into this level from all the hard works we’ve been doing so far!).

NEW YORK FAME 2011! One of the national Show Choir Championship in United States. Carroll Show Choirs, Fort Wayne-Indiana once in two year always participate in this event, both in NYC or Orlando, Florida. This year (luckily the year when I live in America for Exchange Program), We are going to NYC.

Honestly, I had no idea what Show Choir looks like. It was in the morning in my Intermediate Choir Class when I asked Andy, my friend :

“Andy, Do we have like a competition for this choir class?”

“Well, you can join Show Choir.”

“Oh..really? What’s the difference?”

Then He suddenly go to Mrs.Jerran’s room and said, “Mrs.Jerran, Hadi wants to do Show Choir!”

I sometimes think that, if that morning I didn’t ask him about competition, I might not be in Minstrel Magic Show Choir this year! The fact was, there were 20 girls and 19 boys in the group so I could be the one who make it complete!

And there I am, struggling with a new environment to be a singer and a dancer in the same time. Well, I’ve been in Choir for two years in my Junior High School, Indonesia. But it’s completely different. We were also competing with another choirs, but we didn’t do a lot of dancing like we do in Show Choir.

I remember my first concern that i’ll just mess this group up coz I couldn’t able to dance at all. But I do believe that everything could be possible if we can do it seriously. So when i look my self in the video and see how well i’m doing as a group, I really proud of myself!

And it’s been a long time since we worked together, prepare all these dances and vocals and make it clean. I was really enjoy until we came into Competition Season when we have to be at school at 4am and back home at 3am in the next day. There was a time when we were so tired and we had to have practice almost every day in a whole weak even on Sunday. It was a hard work. It really was.

But the thing is, when we tried to do everything the best and never give up to catch something in our goals, we’ll get the answer! And this is the answer! FAME Events 2011 in New York City! Minstrel Magic got 1st Runner Up for Mixed Division and Select Sound got A Grand Champion for Unisex Division!

We beat some high level Show Choirs from around the nation and even though Minstrel Magic could’t get the 1st Place at this moment, I’ll say “We are the Champion!”

I’ve been in Drama Club in Malang, Indonesia when we always competing with another Drama groups. Sometimes we won, but sometimes not. And Show Choir is just like another talent show when some people maybe like it, but another people could have another opinion. So, No matter what place we’ve got, as long we did our best performance and bring the level of the show to the highest point, We’ll always be The Champion!

Thank You guys for creating one of the best moment in My Life! I’m so glad to be a part of this season. I’ll never forget this day, this awesome day when We got our trophy, we put our medal on our chest and hug our friends to show how proud we are as a group, Minstrel Magic Show Choir! 🙂

Manhattan Ballroom, NYC

March 20,2011


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