Ohio Spring Trip -> More about friends!

Spring Break!

Here we are finally! Escape from the fatigue of our life! Works, school, homeworks, volunteering, school papers, research, doing dishes at home, homeworks again. Everything that we have to do in our daily life will be gone when we are in a vacation! That’s why I love traveling.

To see the fact that not all of exchange students coordinator willing to arrange the vacation together with their kids, I’m so grateful to have Anita (our Local Coordinator who specially arranged this trip for us).  And I’m also glad to be here this time, write this blog while people are sleeping around me!

So, we’ve been in Ohio for about 4 days. We visited Thomas Alfa Edison’s Birthplace and got a really boring tour guide who talked too much (we were so damn tired standing in front of him while he was explaining about Thomas Edison’s mother in law-we don’t even care with his mother in law!). But fortunately it was a great place though. Thomas Edison was a smart dude at least!

The second day we were exploring Cleveland. We went to The Great Lake Science Center ( it was pretty cool coz NASA stuffs were there. We saw some astronauts and their rockets and we got electricity shock machine). The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was good too. Knowing the fact that I’m not a rocker fan, at least I could see some Micheal Jackson’s outfits and it was pretty cool. I like to enjoy the view of Lake Michigan which is look like beach and smell like an ocean with some shore birds flying above your head.

Then the third day we were leaving Hyatt Place Hotel at Cleveland and visit Ohio Cavern. The cave was big and long like a tunnel, still fresh and It was the first cave in America I’ve ever seen and it was pretty cool, even though I actually like Maharani Cave in East Java better. After we got satisfied with natural expedition, we then go ahead to National Air Force Museum. I like commercial airplane better than war plane. And I used to want to be a pilot but apparently I’ll prefer to be a passenger (especially in the first class!).

We checked in to Hyatt Place Hotel in Cincinnati after attending Catholic Mass. And i got my first bowling game (finally!) with my foreign friends.

Today we just watched Baseball Game. The Reds team for Cincinnati were playing really good. And honestly I always never understand about sport whether it’s basketball, baseball or even soccer. I can’t do sport and I couldn’t understand about the rule of the game. But i do have spirit. So whenever the team got strike or home run or whatever, I always yell “Yeahh..!” and giving wave hand was my favorite part!

Basically, the trip was awesome. And we are going to Newport Aquarium at Kentucky tomorrow. But New York City will always the best. I actually expected to go to Chicago rather than Ohio. But to have another taste and experience, I could recommend Cleveland. One thing i got from this trip is : “friendship”. I got closer and know my friends better. We share a lot of things about host parents, friends and our life in America. It’s not easy to be an exchange student. Sometimes we feel happy, excited and enjoy with our life, but there is also a time when we feel alone, strange and maybe a little bit homesick.

But THIS IS LIFE. No matter where you are, what you feel, You are yourself. It’s up to you how to drive your life. It’s gonna be awesome if you’ll make it happy or it’s gonna be dreadful if you make it sad. So why don’t we just smile and have a good life? Like Professor Dumbledore said, “You are not alone. You have friends”

So if someday I go to South Korea for a conference, I can say “Hi! Can you take me around Busan and be my guide?” to Naeun Kim. When I go to Germany, I could see Pascal Klos and say “How are you doing bro?” and hangout with his R6 Yamaha Motorcycle. Or maybe I’ll looking for Mohib Qureshi when i visit Taj Mahal in India and pray Jum’ah together.

I do believe that friends are the best gift ever and that’s why I love my friends! So Let’s build a friendship to make a better world whether from exchange program or facebook or any media you can do. Make and greet as much as friends around the world and see how amazing this world for you!

Hyatt Place Hotel, Cincinnati – United States

Room 407. 00 : 57


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