New Year Notation : Welcome 2012 !!

Once upon a time, I believed in fairy tales, in magic, in humanity. I’ve since then given up. I’ve come to realize that all people are selfish and that we are all headed in the wrong direction. I believed I could change that. I was naive. I’m just a person, just like every other soul, wasting their time by sitting on this subway leading straight into the arms of their inevitable deaths but, I like to believe that I am a being that has accepted all that is wrong in the world simply as… life. This is my world. This is where I’ve made my name, where I’ve grown, where I will die. I believe I was put here for a reason, I don’t believe in coincidence. We all have a purpose, and mine is to live, to feel, to love. I love my life. We are all connected. We are all one in the same. We are all a part of this world that we call home. I am just a speck that makes up the whole. (Derin Kyle)

~ . 2012 . ~

It has changed to a new year. 2011 has gone and 2012 is coming with happiness. Year 2011 leave us memories, laughs, sorrows and struggles. And now let us step on a new stage of life where everything has become much more better, fresh and exciting.

2011 was one of the best year in my life. Left me with million memories and valuable experience exploring some part of the world after my success point began in 2010. United States of America was. Those are the times when i’ve learned many things about cultures, people, wisdom, integrity and passion. A time when i knew who am i much more than anything. I’ve realized what i want to do and what i enjoy in my life. The time when i knew the reason why i was born. So it is true then, “EXPLORE THE WORLD, THEN YOU CAN EXPLORE YOURSELF.”

So 2012 bring me a new excitement to face a new life. I’ve come back to Indonesia,  my homeland. And this year i’m gonna be graduated from high school to grapple on ‘a real life experience’ later on. So in past days I’ve thinking about my 2012 resolution and my 2011 reflection. The greatest thing I’ve to deal in 2012 is to get into college. It is University of Indonesia where i’m gonna take International Relations for my major. It has become my biggest dream for last couple years and pretty much frustrating to realize how difficult the competition is. So, what am i waiting for? It’s a show time! And i’ve to believe that i can do this. Good luck Hadi! 😉

In this upcoming, some people may concern about the doomsday issue. I’m sorry but i think it is bullshit. Both the Bible and Quran said nobody knows when the end of the world is gonna come, nor the angels! There might be some disasters and catastrophes but for sure it ain’t the end of the world. I’m sorry to hear about the earthquake that just happened in Japan in the first day of 2012. The thing is, people die every day. No matter  in 2010, 2012 or 2050, we are crossing a time zone facing our life up to the end. The only thing we need to do is just give everything the best for our life time, do the best for our goals and share the happiness with people, family and friends. There is no point to be frightened of something which is not obvious about its truth.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR and May Peace be upon you all people around the world 🙂


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